Catholic dating a hindu the dating solution torrent

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Catholic dating a hindu

Q: As a non-Christian I was civilly married (no kids), that marriage in civil divorce.

Later I found faith (I’m Catholic now) and met a wonderful man with whom I’m in love. I found out that we will not be able to marry in Church, unless I get an annulment.

The white women in their 20s and early 30s who I know don’t seem to have any problem.

But it just turns out that I haven’t met the right Indian man for ME yet.

Obviously I haven’t dated much in India, two men isn’t enough to make a truly convincing case on the subject, so my experience level is low.

But I hear time and time again from dear friends who really do LIKE me as a person and care about me something along the lines of “Indian men want to take a foreigner out for a drive but they will drive home an Indian woman to marry.” So that mixed with my first experience dating an Indian man who told me straight-up from the start that we “have no future” because of the pressure from his family and the media due to his profession …

But dating and marriage are two very different things. At the time I had no plans to marry him or date as long as we did. We have now been together for 10 years, and happily married for 7!

There you have it: Don't marry an unbeliever—that is, someone who doesn't share the basics of Christian doctrine and practice.

But yes, avoiding being "unequally yoked" is an excellent biblical principle. Paul advised the Christians at Corinth to avoid entering significant relationships, such as marriage, with unbelievers.

"Unequally yoked" has evolved into a graded criterion for an optimal mate rather than a simple test for an acceptable one. Quality survey data reveal only two serious, churchgoing evangelical men for every three comparable women.

Thus, one out of every three evangelical women is not in a position to marry a man who's her "spiritual equal," let alone "head." This elevated standard now translates—for women, at least—to something like this: "Find that uncommon man ...

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Greco-Roman culture was willing to welcome new gods as long as they could be incorporated into the already recognized deities. Paul’s interaction with the people of Athens that the Greeks were eager to learn of this “foreign deity” and this “new teaching” (Acts 17: 18, 19).