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“When a global event of terrorism occurs, sadly we blame a Muslim woman living in Melbourne,” said Hana Assafiri.“Muslim women are faced with either needing to be rescued from our oppression, or feared.” Ms Assafiri is a chef at the Morrocan Deli-cacy café in Melbourne’s Lygon Street, and has founded a fortnightly event to aid community dialogue."It's like going to a party and meeting a doctor."Shahriari said communication between doctor and patient sometimes flounders today as physician practices get busier and technology takes over face-to-face discussions."We are losing that connection that has been part of the physician-patient relationship for centuries," he said.“You can come along and ask a Muslim women absolutely anything.” Sascha is attending to deepen her understanding of the practice of hijab.“I do have reactions to it that I’m not especially sure about, or even proud of, but they’re definitely there,” she said.Margaret Kelly, Director of Mencap Northern Ireland said: “Café Conversations is speed dating for politicians and an informal way for families and people with a learning disability to speak directly to prospective MLA’s about issues that affect people with a learning disability, their families and carers.

Change topics every few minutes, and with each topic change have one row of youth rotate so that everyone has a new discussion partner.The most frequently asked questions on a speed date are - ‘What do you do? ' It's going to be a very boring repetitive night when you've been asked them 10 times.CHATHAM UNIVERSITY'S MASTER OF FINE ARTS IN CREATIVE WRITING Chatham University's groundbreaking MFA focusing on nature, travel writing, and social outreach is the premier graduate program for nurturing students interested in place-based writing and innovative community programs.BARRELHOUSE Barrelhose is a nonprofit literary organization that publishes a twice yearly literary magazine, as well as a website where literary things happen. Accept, review, and manage manuscripts, films, audio, applications, and entries.

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"So this is not a normal hustings event where politicians argue with each other, people with a learning disability and their families will express their views and challenge candidates on what their parties plan to do for them.” Candidates from all the major Northern Ireland parties attended the 2 events.

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