Dating ads like craigslist Sri lankan sex

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You can't really replace Craigslist -- which generates over 50 billion page views a month -- but you can find a decent substitute.One thing about Craigslist that makes it so popular is that it has a lot of what a lot of people are looking for, such as jobs, business services, auto sales and other buying and selling opportunities -- and it's mostly free.Are you an everyday hero — you know, are you trying to make the world a better place one day at a time?

Beyond those, Backpage and Classified Ads have a personals section.And also as on Craigslist, you can narrow your selling, searching and browsing to a particular location.For selling vehicles, also consider e Bay Motors -- separate from e Bay Classifieds -- and Auto Trader (links in Resources).Are you kind, somewhat handsome, healthy but not health-obsessed, not a user or a hater?I'm a reporter who tries to fight the good fight on an everyday basis.

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Backpage, Classified Ads and e Bay Classifieds (links in Resources) are three sites that function basically in the way Craigslist does, with some shades of difference.