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Posted by / 22-Nov-2017 07:46

The Virgo woman wants to be appreciated for her attention to details.

The Sagittarius man feels he has all the wisdom needed already.

The simple fact he’s chosen you of all the girls available should give you a boost already. Because Virgos are meticulous about everything that is important to them, and romance is definitely one of those things.

However, are you reading this because your best/annoying friend told you her one date with a Virgo man ended in tears? The reason I ask is because Virgos are extremely cultured and intelligent people, so much so that they should have been your ‘phone a friend’.

Still, I liked it and took it as a positive sign that she was quite interested and I loved here feminine wiles.

I once ended a relationship with a girl because she’d never heard of the hospital superbug bacteria, MRSA.

Likewise, if you hide yourself under too many layers and unflattering shapes, he’ll be equally put off. You won’t notice it, but within 45 seconds of sitting he’ll have checked the state of your dress, hair, make-up and yes…even your chipped nails.

If these things aren’t in tip-top condition then forget about a whirlwind romance, as Virgo men cannot comprehend untidiness in a person.

But then the swing came and when it did I was unprepared.

We would chat on the phone for an hour or so every other night and she was feeling it for sure.

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