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To slay the beast that makes one stone, to stop a monster in a maze like catacomb, to challenge a God hated and feared, to return triumphant, to be history revered.

Fly with wings on high, helped by magical means, gain the trust of a mortal sight … They hide among the extra ordinary places just out of the minds eye, as well as the naked one.

Female deities that inhabit nature, that inhabit the waters makes the cool, fresh, clear and clean blue liquid of life pour forth giving to the Earth and all who live upon it. To take on the love of something in this world in this life is a goal worth striving for.

To love the Arts takes a special breed, to be strong in ones convictions that comes through an image, written words, or a combination of sounds and then let the world outside yourself be apart of that can be a risk, …

While dating sites for the elite have made it easier for ordinary people to find rich singles, it often becomes difficult to find the best website.

You may check out comprehensive reviews of the rich men dating sites.

But it can be frustrating trying to find the right one, fake millionaires are pretending to be authentic.

While millionaire dating sites seem to have made things a little easier, it is up to you how to create a path to connecting with such men.

Despite having the platform at their disposal, most women fail to tap the massive potential of these websites.

Glazed You go to the bakery, you see them all in a row, you buy them by the box full these rounds of fried dough.

They call your name as they glisten in the sun, you open the package and devour every single one.

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From choosing the best millionaire dating site, to knowing how to approach rich women and asking a girl out on a date, it takes a lot to be succeed at this.