Malawi sex vidio show

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Malawi sex vidio show

His wife, Mapalase Khoza, an accomplice, was sentenced 18 months in jail, and two years suspended for assaulting and causing grievous bodily harm to the girls.

Acknowledging that there’s something wrong in what he was doing, he said, “This ritual helps to spread HIV and culture does not allow the use of condoms in this ritual.” This act needs to be stopped, by introducing traditional practices which empower young women into womanhood.On the one hand, they said, Aniva’s conviction sent the message that the practice of “sexual cleansing,” which Malawi banned in 2012 under its Gender Equality Act, would not be tolerated by the courts.But on the other hand, they argue, his two-year sentence is not enough to deter other hyena men from accepting payment to have unprotected sex with women and girls – some as young as 10.So there is yet another leaked bedroom video that has gone viral on social media.A Lilongwe woman was recorded by her boyfriend dancing, naked in a 45 seconds long clip.

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The conviction of a Malawian man who slept with underage girls as part of “sexual cleansing” rituals signals that the custom may not be tolerated.