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Cancellations must be telephoned to our Reservations Department by your travel agent.Depending on when the cruise is cancelled, cancellation charges will be assessed as stated on the Cancellation Fee Timetable .

The Black Norwegian Elkhound is a sturdy, medium-sized spitz-type dog. Although some may be somewhat reserved with strangers, it will greet family and friends it knows with enthusiasm.

If the reservation is cancelled within the 100% cancellation period then the applicable cancellation fee will apply for guest 3-8.

They reflect the best prices found through our search engines during the last 5 days and they correspond to one-way flights, or the arithmetic half of return flights for an adult in tourist class, with departure date within the following 45 days from the current date.

I think if I were a female artist doing that, it would be much easier, as least for critics, to write about how I talk about that subject.

Norway presents its visitors with plunging river valleys, rippling glaciers, deep forests and mighty fjords of un-surmounted beauty - an exhilarating landscape begging to be explored by coach, car, boat, bike on skis or even a husky drawn sled.

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We are a friendly and open department in the University of York, established by the Norwegian government as one of its four international study centres.

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  1. Now, it can be told and I must admit that, yes, once upon a time in my life, I had frowned upon such relationships and found myself thinking that I couldn't possibly get into something like that.

  2. Almost everywhere else in China, however, traditional attitudes to dating prevail. In traditional Chinese culture, boys and girls are introduced to each other in a group social setting.