Police officers dating websites

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Police officers dating websites

BLACK people were twice as likely to be searched by police than whites, the latest figures suggest, while Gypsy travellers were up to five times more likely to be searched than the general population.

Respected researchers Professor Susan Mc Vie and Dr Kath Murray, from the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research (SCCJR), recommended efforts must be made to “avoid unconscious bias in the searching of non-white groups in Scottish society” as figures appeared to show “some ethnic disparity” in police seizures.

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Superintendent Andy Mc Kay said the force had been working to “improve” stop and search amid a recognition it is a significant intrusion into the “personal liberty and privacy” of the public.

He added: “Police Scotland is committed to ensuring all stop and search activity is carried out in a lawful, proportionate, justifiable and accountable manner.” The SCCJR report, commissioned by Police Scotland, found that: “In 2016, rates of seizure [of illegal contrabrand] were highest for white people, but were fairly similar to those for black/African and ‘other’ ethnic minority groups.

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