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was published in the Spring of 2014, a time when, in the run up to the Scottish Independence Referendum in September, there was a widespread sense of optimism for the future among those who saw Scottish independence as the opportunity of a lifetime, and who tended to be more vocal about it than those who did not.There was something stirring in Scotland and the stories in , although gathered over the years, reflected this feeling.It’s a fun group dance for all the guests, with lots of participation.” Many of the steps, like the swing-your-partner moves, resemble square dancing in rural America, while when the guests circle dance, it suggests the traditional circle dance of Israel, the hora.

It celebrated individual and collective lives as the smaller yet still vital part of a larger whole.He would walk around the village until his bride would finally come out of her house and kiss him.On the day of the wedding the village would turn out to lead the couple to the church, where two wedding services were traditionally held.“I did the planning for a wedding here in Manhattan between a Scotsman and a true Southern girl from Texas,” one of the area's wedding planners tells us. “Our Texan bride went for a more traditional bouquet, but our Scottish groom had a boutonniere with a thistle, the flower of Scotland.“They incorporated a number of Scottish wedding traditions." “For example, a piper welcomed all the guests into and out of the church with traditional Scottish pipe music, and all the men wore kilts.”If the family is from a traditional Scottish background, the groom’s kilt would be made in the particular tartan, or plaid, pattern that is unique to his family or clan. ” A kilt is accompanied by several items, including a short jacket, a sporran, which is a leather pouch, and the dirk, which is the ceremonial knife of the Scottish Highland regiments. “During the reception, there was much ceilidh (pronounced kay-lee) dancing.

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The luckenbooth should also be pinned on to the blanket of a couples’ first born child to bring good luck to the family.

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