Sedating a horse for

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A lack of oil and being off-line can make the clippers seem as though they should be sharpened when they don’t.

Professional grooming is expensive which is why we need to take care of our home grooming equipment.

A pet owner who has a cat or dog that requires frequent grooming does not own a more important tool than the set of clippers.

Before sharpening the clippers, it is best to ensure they are adjusted properly and well oiled.

There are a few steps we can take to keep our pet clippers sharp.

The equine neonates "open" digestive tract is equipped with cells that absorb these protein molecules during the first few hours of life.

Without this initial store of essential protein, the foal is in constant danger of infection until she develops her own immune system (active immunity).

If the mare rejected her foal after delivery or the mare died due to delivery complications rather than disease, her colostrum can be hand milked and fed to the newborn with a bottle and rubber nipple.

There is a whole category of horse supplements (and now many feeds) that claim to help to keep your horse calm.

So there is clearly a demand from riders to improve the behaviour of their horses but how should we go about that process?

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