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Her lows are rather under-utilized in comparison, however when used they can be quite strong and effective (notably in the first verse of "Haunted").

While occasionally a rather inconsistent live performer, Amy's strong presence and distinctive style have made quite a mark in the current music scene. I was always convinced it was one of the choir sopranos in the studio version due to the way it's mixed, plus IIRC on all the live versions from pre-'07 that part was played via backing tape.

Amy Lee is extremely talented American musician, whose songs are rapidly gaining the popularity all over the world with each new upcoming day.

Her career started from piano lesson she was taking for a long time, and it made the main impact on Amy future life and work.

Talking about her relationship status she is already tied in a knot with her longtime sweetheart.

She is married to her long-time friend who professionally is a therapist.

Amy's family moved from many places including Florida amd Illinois.

Amy's family finally settled in Little Rock, Arkansas. Amy briefly attended Middle Tennessee State University before dropping out from college all together.

She was also titled with "Rock Goddess of the Year" in 2012 during Loudwire Music Awards.On 8th of January 2007, Amy got engaged to Josh Hartzler.But she conformed this engaged the following day at the live broadcast of Much Music's. That year, she co-founded the rock band Evanescence.An American singer-songwriter and classically trained pianist who is better known as lead singer in American rock band Evanescence.She is a daughter of Sara Cargill and John Lee, a disc jockey.

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The music was an essential part of life from childhood.